VENUE:  Nettleham village hall LN2 2SS

 DIRECTIONS and Venue details:

FOR TICKETS (reservations only) for nettlehamlive concerts:

or: phone Andy or Marianne on 01522 535770
PAY:on the night, with cash or cheque*
You cannot buy a ticket without a prior reservation
PRICE:  is either £13 or £14, please check individual concerts (it's to do with the artists needing more overnight accommodation than we can provide free.)  NO CARD FACILITIES.  This is about cost; we run as cheaply as we can, giving our time (like the volunteers at Nettleham Village Hall), free of charge.

PLEASE, PLEASE if you can't come after making a reservation, LET US KNOW.

 Empty seats in a concert hall are not attractive and you may be depriving someone else of the opportunity to enjoy the music.  We often keep a waiting list (see below.) 
*A Cheque is made payable to 'Lincoln Folk Festival' 


DON'T DESPAIR.  If we have sold out of tickets we keep a waiting list and will phone you as soon as we get a cancellation, sometimes on the day of the concert.