KATIE DOHERTY & the  
featuring our own, our very own DAVID GRAY.  David has been playing MELODEON since he was 'a lille ole boy' and holds a place in our heart for winning one of our 'YOUNG FOLK MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR' awards, which we ran for a few years when we had Lincoln Folk Festival.  He has just grown and grown in stature and is a fabulous player and an engaging personality who just loves music!  He left Lincolnshire to successfully pursue a career as a professional musician after graduating from Newcastle University.  David gets even better every time we hear him....this must be finite!!

This group have played  to acclaim at a BOMBER COMMAND Lincoln concert last year, so you might have heard of them, and are booked to play THE ROPEWALK on the Friday before playing for us on the Sunday.

I hope I will be forgiven for speaking of David first because he is dear to our hearts.   The centre of this group is of course KATIE DOHERTY who is such a talented composer, performer and VOCALIST and interest in her, and her navigators, is growing and growing as witnessed by her gig lists.  She is joined for this tour by GRACE SMITH  (a fine solo performer in her own right) playing FIDDLE and VIOLA. Hear them first with us on Sunday.....and hear them again at your next Festival!  THERE is a list OF AWARDS won by this fine musician and samples of the music of this TEESIDE lass and her navigators are on line so, enough from me, go to to find the evidence behind my appreciation of this trio.

        Sunday 9 October 2022

tickets: £12  Pre-book only from Andy Watkins
                      01522 535770 

No card sales, pay on door
                       DOORS OPEN: 7.00pm for 7.30pm

support:  HOMITY....invited back despite leaving Lincolnshire's shores.  We love this group!

PROMOTER: Andy Watkins

and here are the Carrivick Sisters....
coming on Saturday 12 November