About us

Nettlehamlive is the 'off-spring' of Faldingworthlive which was created by LESLIE WORRALL in 2004.

It is promoted by Andy Watkins.  This blog is run by his wife Marianne.

The venue of Nettleham Village Hall is hired from the helpful and cooperative village hall committee.  Brian Burkitt, their Treasurer, is the spearhead for this particular enterprise.

Andy has been promoting folk music in and around Lincoln for 47 years, simply because he loves it!

Nettlehamlive is a self financing, non- profit making enterprise.  Officially it is known as 'a not for profit organisation.'  Not big enough to warrant application for charitable status, it is in effect a charity.  Any profits are simply recycled to be able to secure the services of more expensive artists.

Its continued existence is the outcome of other people's support throughout the years.  A few of them sadly no longer with us, their contributions are all remembered with gratitude and affection.

Some names that spring to my mind are Jeff Woods, Damian Woodings, Pete and Helen Wray, Les Worrall, Dick and Jane Morris, Geoff Cropper, Brian Dawson, Sue and Mike Dewsbury, Tom Lane, Alan Ritson and Dave Longden....and our children, who have been roped in at various crisis points.  There are names I have not mentioned and I hope I will be forgiven for that.

No performance venue can exist without an audience.  Thank you to you all, especially some who have been supportive of our efforts for many, many years.  We love to see new faces but we never forget the familiar ones!