COMING NEXT at NETTLEHAM VILLAGE HALL LN2 2SS.... Star duo of  master guitarist (from the STRAWBS!) and lyrical vocalist 
SATURDAY 27 APRIL 2024 tickets: £13 cash on door 01522 535770 
                                                                     doors open 7.00pm for 7.30pm  BAR
There are a few well informed very excited people who have already booked for these artists....because the consummate guitarist Brian Willoughby is in town!  No lack of respect either for Cathryn's beautiful voice.  We could spend a lot of time talking about the past pedigree of these two transatlantic artists.  Brian of course was one of the STRAWBS...and still is.  He is also very much a working backing guitarist for various famous musicians, but let us focus on what they did in this country last year.
Here they are in front of 15 000, playing at Cropedy with the rest of the Strawb line up during their short 2023 tour. And to the other extreme, to give a local recommendation, these two are great favourites at Spalding Folk Club.  We certainly recommend them if you appreciate great guitar playing and great singing. 

How to describe their music?  Brian's guitar playing is a sweet and melodic accompaniment to Cathryn's lovely voice in a presentation of contemporary folk music, mostly self-penned. Oh and there will be various humorous anecdotes of their life on the road.

SUPPORT: Di, Tom and Alex, a fitting intro to the evening.  These guys have a wide ranging repertoire and are not afraid of showcasing contemporary songs by writers such as Tom Waites.

Compere: Andy Watkins  promoted by ANDY WATKINS

           👏👏👏👏SATURDAY 18 MAY 2024
already booking for this one;