WE ARE SO SORRY TO HAVE TO ANNOUNCE THAT THE CONCERT ON SATURDAY 21 MARCH 2020 has been cancelled after consulting with the various persons concerned in presentation of our concerts.

Please await further announcements as of course we want to get the 'the show back on the road' as soon as we possibly can......and everybody needs cheering up!

For our future concerts: 
DOORS OPEN at 7.15pm for an 8.00pm start.

BAR is available

TICKETS: RESERVE with Andy Watkins
on 01522 535770 or watkins.folk@gmail.com

VENUE: Nettleham Village Hall

Directions:  Brookfield Avenue LN2 2SS

Nettleham is four miles from Lincoln on the A46.

The village hall is in a residential area - not in the centre of Nettleham (and is not the old primary school).

If you don't use sat nav or google maps, please contact Andy who is very good at giving directions!


Some fantastic acts...yet again.  Old ones you love, and new ones we think you will love.

Remember we never book artists unless we have seen them perform.

But please if you see an act you enjoy, let us know.  We aim to please and we want to sell our concerts.
and we can't get everywhere.


What was your favourite Nettlehamlive act this year?  Who would you like to see come back?   LET US KNOW.

And your favourite act from anywhere this year?

Ours?...DAPHNE'S FLIGHT at Cromer Festival.  It blew us away...musically superb...could grace the Albert Hall...and everyone, rightly, had an equal place and was supported so beautifully by the other performers when their time came. All mature ladies showing the ultimate example of oldies but goodies.  Made us feel we want to keep on trying the whole life thing!


So scroll down to the next section to see what we have in store for you......PHIL BEER,  THE CHURCHFITTERS, CHRIS SHERBURN.....
hope you are feeling excited already....