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 ST ANNE'S BEDEHOUSES the in-use unique 'rented'* sheltered accommodation for 13 independent single people over 55 years of age.  These residents live in small individual and modernised one storey houses.  Warden 24/7. Run by Christian trustees


Where is this in Lincoln?  It invites curiosity, doesn't it, tucked away behind a big white gate?  If you could walk through the gate, what would you find?  (The gate is only ever opened for the invited or expected.)

As you walk up the drive, past the warden's house on your right you would see garden and the resting place of past residents.  

On your left are seven of the bedehouses and some more garden. Ahead of you is the church, St Anne's. 

The rest of the bedehouses are tucked behind a covered walk way next to the church.

Stop and look back.  How peaceful it is!

Why have you been invited here?  Are you thinking of becoming one of those who care in some way for St Anne's?  Perhaps you are a prospective resident or visiting one of the residents.  It is a lovely place.   But St Anne's, loved by those who care for it, and those who make it their home, is not for everyone.   

Because it is so hidden away and unique, St Anne's is not well known.  It does not fit easily into the usual sheltered accommodation categories.  Many of the current residents discovered St Anne's through word of mouth from other residents. We the trustees, would like it to be a little better known!.

But once interviewed and accepted by the trustees, few residents ever leave.  It becomes by choice their forever home.

One of these residents has invited us in to see her home.  In arrangement and structure it is very similar to the other little houses.  She has of course then made it into her home, with her furniture and belongings.